Blog Post 6: Best Source

I think the best source for my project would be the Restaurant-ing through History website. It offers critical views on how each decade from America starting from the 1890’s to 1970’s in the restaurant changed American culture. This website will be critical in our research as we continue to analyze how the American restaurant was affected by social progression and vice versa.

This source will pave the way for exploration into how corporations took over the restaurant and transformed social eating habits from a private dining experience in the home to a more public experience.


One thought on “Blog Post 6: Best Source

  1. First and foremost, I really like the project choice you have. Culinary history is something that has completely passed by me in the lens of this class and flew over my head when I was thinking about topics to choose. This source seems to be a great choice for your project specifically. It’s good to have a source, regardless if it’s primary or secondary, that goes in depth as this one and covers a time period of 80 years. Seeing how your project will likely start early on in our nations history and move forward to the here and now, a source this comprehensive will definitely help you. You said your source only goes from 1890-1970, I’m wondering if this will be comprehensive enough to cover restaurant-ing throughout the entire history of the US; although I’m confident that you have acquired sources giving you information both before and after this source.


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